One of the most fascinating things about Jesus is that even though he was God’s son, he spent the majority of his time serving other people. At Velocity, we want people to model their life after Jesus, so we encourage everyone to serve in some capacity. Now, let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to serving.

At Velocity, we feel that church shouldn’t be a spectator sport. As a result, we want you to get involved because we know you have certain gifts, talents, and interests that you can use to serve others. The options below are just a few of the ways people at Velocity serve and make an impact bigger than they ever thought possible. In addition to these weekly options, we also have many other opportunities to serve our community throughout the year.


If you play an instrument or are a talented vocalist, consider joining our Worship Team. Become part of a community of passionate individuals, united by their love for music and their dedication to creating an atmosphere of excellent worship. You'll be thrilled to collaborate with our talented musicians, harness cutting-edge equipment, and be a crucial part of crafting an unforgettable Sunday morning experience.


One of the core values at Velocity is making children matter. We believe that God loves and cheers for children in ways that most people could never imagine. That’s why we put so much horsepower into our children’s ministries. If you have a heart for kids, we would to discuss you joining us on this mission.

SMASH (Students)

Young people matter to Jesus, and they matter to us, too. If you’re passionate about guiding young people, nurturing their potential, and creating a space where they can take steps toward God, this might be the team for you.

Elevate the worship experience by joining our dynamic Tech Team! If you have a knack for lights, sound, slides, or livestreaming, your expertise will find a perfect home here. As a crucial behind-the-scenes member, you'll play a vital role in delivering a seamless and impactful service and contribute to a community that's making a difference.

Be the smiling face that sets the tone for a warm welcome at Velocity Church! Our Greeting Team is the first point of contact, embodying the spirit of hospitality and ensuring everyone feels like family. If you have a heart for creating connections, spreading positivity, and making each person's visit memorable, we invite you to join this team.


Join our Clean Team and be an essential part of keeping our church welcoming! Just as every cog plays a crucial role in a well-oiled machine, our Clean Team ensures that every corner reflects how much we care about the people who come here. If you value cleanliness, attention to detail, and take pride in creating a pristine environment, we'd love to have you on board to make a lasting impact each time our church gathers.

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