“Fall Nighter” CHECKLIST


❑ Sign up ASAP using Google form below (limited spots available) 

❑ Pay $30 (per student) by October 24th (event is the 29th)

*For information on scholarships contact Nate Diamond (216) 562-9232 // nate@velocitycleveland.org


Student Drop Off & Pick Up Schedule:

Drop off: Friday, October 29th, 6:00pm Drop student(s) off at Velocity Church (474 Trebisky Rd. Richmond Hts.)  

Pick Up: (Next morning) Saturday, October 30th, 8:00am at Velocity Church

What will we do? 

At the Fall Nighter we will eat lots of food, have tons of fun, go to WhirlyBall Amusement Center, continue our tradition of having a fall talent show, and MORE!

IMPORTANT Information: 

● NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO LEAVE Velocity Church, WhirlyBall, or the location of any outing FOR ANY REASON UNLESS YOU HAVE AN ADULT WITH YOU. If you are caught doing that – Nate will call your parents and they will come and get you. 


● Most people will stay awake the whole time, and crash and burn when they get back home… but if you think you will sleep, bring something to sleep on (air mattress, sleeping bag, or an Ikea bed that you assemble while the rest of us watch)… If you think you will sleep bring a pillow and light bedding as well. 


● Money : Any spending money you may want at WhirlyBall (WhirlyBall is already paid for… but snacks, arcade games, and laser tag are extra.) Plan to have some extra spending money if you wish to participate in these things. 



● Firearms (including paintball, airsoft, and BB Guns)

● Knives

● Fireworks

● Shaving Cream (unless you shave)

● Tobacco products

● Pornography

● Drugs or alcohol

● Clothes with vulgar slogans

Basically – don’t bring anything that can get you in trouble.



Here is some specific information and details about the Fall Nighter

What is the cost for the Fall Nighter?
The cost is $30. If you don’t have the money to be a part of this, please contact Nate Diamond. We do not want anyone to miss out on this fun week because of money. (216) 562-9232 // nate@velocitycleveland.org

Where does my student sleep?
It’s an all nighter, which means MOST people WON’T sleep. But some will. Those who wish to sleep can, and will only be judged a little. If you are going to sleep at the event, we recommend bringing something to sleep on, and light bedding and a pillow. We will have separate areas for boys and girls who do wish to sleep. 

 For more information please see “What to Bring” section above).

Where do we eat?
As part of your registration fee, all of your meals will be provided. We will eat Dinner, a Midnight Snack, and Breakfast at the church building. There will be an opportunity at WhirlyBall to purchase additional snacks, students who wish to do so should bring extra spending money. 

What about my students’ medicines?
The group leader(s), will need to take responsibility for the administration of any medicines to your student’s. We will take care of any needs you may have. Please contact Nate Diamond before the trip so arrangements can be made. (216) 562-9232 // nate@velocitycleveland.org

How do I register?
You simply fill out the google form on this website below. You will want to fill this out ASAP as this secures your students spot. The next thing due will be the $30 cost Due by October 24th (the event is the 29th). This payment
 can be made using this website  – just click “pay” below. If you wish to pay in person by check or cash, that’s fine too, just find Nate at a Velocity service or SMASH.  

SIGN UP NOW Using Google Form Below. 

Pay now using “Pay” button below… select South Euclid/Lyndhurst Campus, Designation “SMASH Events.”