Kidz City

At Velocity children matter! We celebrate this through our children’s ministry, Kidz City. We are committed to making this ministry a place where parents feel safe leaving their children, and children feel welcomed while learning about Jesus. Kidz City exists to instill biblical truths in children from birth through adolescence. As a team, we strive to help children grow in the wonder of how much God loves them, to aid their discovery of how God’s word applies to their lives and to fuel their passion to impact the world. Volunteering in this ministry is not limited to adults as we highly encourage students from 6th– 12thgrade to be a part of building relationships with those younger than them. If this sounds like a ministry you would like to be a part of, click the link below to access and complete the Kidz City Application for adults and our Junior Helper Application, for those under the age of 18 years old. All applications and questions can be submitted to (our Children’s Director) Staci Dombrowski at

Kidz City Application PDF

Junior Helper Application PDF


SMASH is our student ministry, open to 6th-12thgrade. Our number one goal is to help teenagers explore, understand, and apply what God says into our lives while having a blast doing it. So, we get together every week as a group and play games, hang out, and talk about what God really says in the Bible. We want to cut through all the confusion and simply talk about God in a way that makes sense. For more information on SMASH, see the dedicated page here.

Each student who participates in SMASH, especially off-site events, must have a medical waiver form on file. Click the link below to access and complete the SMASH Medical Waiver. All forms can be submitted to our Student Pastor, Nate Diamond, at

SMASH Medical Waiver PDF


At Velocity our benevolence is based on Matthew 24:34, eligible to those seeking food, water, medicine or clothing. Assistance in helping with mortgage payments, gas bills, electric bills, cable/satellite TV, phone bills, car payments, college loans, tuition payments, appliances for household use, apartment rent, insurance, or other similar expenses do not qualify for our benevolence support. If you feel that your need meets one of the criteria (food, water, medicine, or clothing) click on the link below to access our Preliminary Application for Support. All instructions on how to submit the application are included on the form.

Preliminary Application for Support PDF

Mission Support

At Velocity we focus on two things: telling people the truth about God’s love and making children matter. Therefore, we only support two types of missions/missionaries: church plants, and children based missions. We do not provide any Sunday morning worship time or publically endorse any missions/missionaries that do not meet our specific criteria. For more information on our criteria, as well as our Preliminary Application for Support, click the link below. All instructions on how to submit the application are included on the form.

Preliminary Application for Support (Missions) PDF