Velocity-U-logoVelocity University is a group of classes specifically designed to give you the basic tools you need to grow in your faith. There are 4 core classes a part of Velocity University. Each class is 4-5 weeks long. We hope everyone at Velocity will take all 4 of these classes to help your faith FUEL your life!

If you want more information about when each class starts, email Zack and we’ll get you signed up!



God doesn’t call every Christian to go off to seminary, but there are certain matters of doctrine – that is, the Bible’s teaching – that ignite our faith.  We call these ‘Basic Christian Beliefs’ or ‘BCB’.  These teachings are important because what we believe affects how we live.

Whether you’re a relatively new believer in Jesus, undecided about Jesus and Christianity, or if you’re a long-time believer looking for a quick brush-up on the basics of the faith – this is a must for all who want to know why we believe what we believe.

  • Week 1: The Bible as God’s Message & BCB about God
  • Week 2: BCB about Jesus / BCB about the Holy Spirit
  • Week 3: BCB about People / BCB about Redemption
  • Week 4: BCB about the Church / BCB about the End Times


FUEL Your Life

It’s not normal or natural for someone who is no longer a baby to be fed their meals by others!  Everyone knows this from the perspective of eating physical food. But what about feeding oneself spiritually? We don’t want Sunday morning to be the only time you “feed” yourself spiritually. That’s why we created this class called Fuel Your Life.

In this five-week class, you will learn how to feed yourself spiritually. We will teach you the time-tested practices and methods that Christ-Followers have used to grow closer to Jesus.

  • Week 1: Prayer is the Pipeline (Prayer)
  • Week 2: The Owner’s Manual (Bible Study)
  • Week 3: All the Time, Every Day (Worship)
  • Week 4: Captain’s Log (Journaling)


Shaped to IMPACT

God didn’t design ministry for just a few with Bible College degrees. At Velocity, we believe that every follower of Jesus is a minister. This is what S.H.A.P.E.D to Impact is all about. During this five-week class, you will learn how God can use your Spiritual gifts, your Heart (passions), Abilities, Personality & Experiences to minister to others.

  • Week 1: Spiritual Gifts
  • Week 2: Heart & Abilities
  • Week 3: Personality & Experience
  • Week 4: Evangelism ABC’s (pt.1)
  • Week 5: Evangelism ABC’s (pt.2)



One of the most challenging things that any parent will do is learning how to lead their kids spiritually. This four-week class helps parents establish a rhythm for family discipleship through time, moments, and milestones.  Parents will learn from one another and share ideas which help to create workable plans to disciple the next generation.

  • Week 1: The Need & The Mirror (1 Cor. 13:11-13)
  • Week 2: The Kitchen (Ingredients for family discipleship)
  • Week 3: The Living Room (Contexts for teaching and learning)
  • Week 4: The Bedroom (Speaking our children’s heart-language)