Why we want everyone at Velocity to serve

One of the most fascinating things about Jesus is that even though he was God’s son, he spent the majority of his time serving other people. At Velocity, we want people to model their life after Jesus, so we encourage everyone to serve in some capacity. Now, let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to serving.


Question One: Where should I serve?

We encourage everyone at Velocity to serve in two different ways. First we encourage you to serve at least twice a month during our Sunday morning worship service.  Let’s take a second and explain why we want you to serve during one of our services.

We have grown so much over the past few years that we’ve had to add more worship services to make room for our growth. But, with every new worship service, there are a lot of volunteer openings that need filled. We need people who are willing to serve in Kidz City, help with offering and communion, play on the worship team, and even volunteers for our check-in station. We don’t want anyone to be a spectator; we want you to be a part of a team. And at our Lyndhurst campus, you don’t even have to miss the Sunday morning service when you serve! You can serve during one service and then go to worship during the other.

We also know that everyone has certain gifts, talents, and things that they really like to do. So take a minute and look at the teams we have listed below and find one that you’d like to get involved with.


Kidz City

One of the core values at Velocity is making children matter. We believe that God loves and cheers for children in ways that most people could never imagine. That’s why we put so much horsepower into our children’s ministries. We have 4 different rooms you can serve in to make a difference in a child’s life. We have babies, walkers, 3, 4, and 5 year olds, and K-5th. We also have volunteers who serve at our Kidz City check-in table. Here is a list of the Kidz City areas and their leaders.


Breakfast Club Team

Every week we have a team that sets up a donut and coffee table for people to enjoy when they come to service. We want people to feel relaxed and enjoy themselves when they come to service for the first time and there’s no better way to do that than giving them a great cup of coffee.


Connect Team

Have you ever been to a wedding and the only people you knew you were the bride and groom? Did you ever move to a new school system and you showed up on the first day not knowing anyone? That’s an odd feeling because you feel like, “No one knows me here. I’m not sure I fit in.” Our connection team makes sure that no one who visits Velocity feels that way! They are the first smiling face people see and they help give visitors the best first experience imaginable.



One of the ways we help people connect with God is through celebrating communion. Each week, this team helps people remember and celebrate God’s love by passing the communion trays from row to row. It’s an easy and helpful way to jump in and serve.


Set Up Team

Velocity is what is known as a “portable church,” which means, we don’t have a building of our own. Every week our amazing set up team meets on Saturday mornings (Lyndhurst Campus) for one hour to set up our worship space and all of our Kidz City areas. For our Mentor Campus, we meet early Sunday morning and set up the worship space and our Kidz City areas. Our set up team make sure everything is ready to go for Sunday morning.


Tear Down Team

Of all the teams that are the easiest to be a part of at Velocity, the tear down team is the most simple. Every week, after the second worship service, this team jumps in and they help us tear down. It’s an easy way for you and your family to serve together.


Slide Team

Are you great with technology? If so, the slide team could be a great fit for you. The people on the slide team are trained on how to run software called ProPresenter. This easy to use program helps the worship service flow smoothly.


Sound Team

This team helps the Sunday morning worship service sound the best it can. If you have a great ear for music, this is a great place for you to serve. We’ll teach you what to do.


Worship Team

Do you play an instrument or sing? This team might be the place for you. Each person on the worship team is part of a rotation so you can also go to church and sit with your family or friends on off weeks. Click on the link below to audition, and one of our worship leaders will contact you.