Velocity is an 10 year old church on Cleveland’s east side.
If you’ve given up on church, or have never really been – you’ve got to check us out! We want to “ignite the faith that fuels your life to impact the world.”

We want people to understand that they don’t have to carry the relational and emotional baggage that they have been carrying. We want them to understand that wrecked marriages can be saved, addictions can be broken, and they can find hope. We want to ignite a faith in God that may have been lost, forgotten, or never even existed through our Sunday morning services. We want people to fuel their life by being a part of a small group and learning more about God’s word. We want people to impact the world by serving the poor, the broken, and disconnected. That’s what Velocity is all about.

We want every person who has been hurt by the church, burned by Christians or just plain fed up with “religion” to see the truth about the life that God offers. We want every person who has misunderstood God’s message to have a place where they can be renewed and restored, a place where they can experience the truth for themselves.

Velocity is a place where background doesn’t matter. Where racial lines are crossed. A place where people who are hopeless spiritually, relationally or financially can find hope. A place where there will be “no needy persons among them.”

Velocity is a place where anyone, no matter what has happened in their life, can come and see that they are not only accepted – they are LOVED!